Art of interior

The special project “LIFESTYLE - ART OF INTERIOR” introduces the core of interior design – the process of creating the interior space of a house, from the development of a general design to the selection of specific items and design elements.

“Art is in the details,” say the professionals. Special details, peculiar traits, inherent to a personal style of a particular designer, generate what we know as “author’s style”. Creating a distinctive identity is challenging when standard solutions dominate on the market, but that is what personal style is about.

The enlightened and sophisticated audience of the Antique Salon awaits to meet the icons of design and decorating art, with their author's collections, with luxury items and sophisticated style. Do take this unique opportunity to join the most prestigious social event of the fall, close deals and grow your client base.

We invite architects, designers, decorators, international and Russian manufacturers of unique pieces of furniture and decor.




Equipped exhibition area:

• 1 m2 - 15,000 rubles. (VAT included)

• module 20 m2 - 300,000 rubles (including VAT)

The equipment includes:

• walls

• 4 lamps

• company name


Head of LIFESTYLE Project

Yevgenia Mikhailidi

+7 (495) 369-47-00 ext. 219; +7 (916) 127-71-08


LIFESTYLE Project Manager

Patricia Marten

+7 (495) 369-47-00 ext. 217; +7 (977) 773-65-05


Coordinator of “CONTEMPORARY ART” Project

Anna Levandovskaya

+7 (495) 369-47-00 ext. 218